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Animal Communicator in Macao

Yu Yu is an experienced animal communicator (pet psychic) and healer in Macao. She has a natural-born bond and deep connections with the animal kingdom. She connects with your pets to understand their thoughts and solve issues. Yu Yu has helped hundreds of animal caretakers in Macao to better understand their animals, deepen the bond and trust with their animal companions, and improve the life quality of both the human and the animals.

Yu Yu is also a teacher of Animal Healing and Animal Communication in Macao. She hopes that through her teaching, more people will be able to connect with animals, to help both animals and their humans, as well as to raise people’s consciousness about animal welfare.

During her work with animals, she realized that most animal problems are in fact human problems. Many of her animal-parent clients later turned to seek her help in healing themselves.

Yu Yu is currently based in Hong Kong, and offers remote services in Macao and worldwide.

Animal Communication Macao

As a responsible and loving pet parent, you might have encountered one or more of the following situations:

We want to see our pets happier and healthier.
We are curious about what our pets have to say to us.
Our pets have some behavior issues that we wish they could change.
Our pets get lost.!
Our pets seem to have some health issues and we’d like to find out what’s wrong.
Our pets suddenly had a behavior change and we want to know why.
We are considering bringing home a new pet and we’d like to check the opinion of our existing pet.
During those sad moments when our pets are struggling at the final stage of their life, we want to ask the wish of our pets whether we should make that difficult decision…

For those of us who are interested in the spiritual realm, maybe we want to find out our past life stories with our pets, and why they come to our life this time?

An Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) will be able to help you in these situations!



Animal Communication Workshop in Macao

AC Workshop

Have you ever imagined you could understand what your pets are thinking? What about hearing animals talk just like Dr. Dolittle? Wouldn’t it feel great if you could have helped your friend to find their lost pet? Have you ever thought about helping your Neighbour to correct their dog’s misbehavior?

Yes! You will be able to do all these after learning and practicing Animal Communication!

Animal Communication? Isn’t that a ‘super power’ that someone has to be born with? “– You might ask. The answer is No! We all have the intrinsic ability to communicate with animals through telepathy and intuition. It is an inborn ability in every human, but it’s dormant because we don’t need to use it in our daily life. Animal Communication courses teach you how to discover and develop your own ability.

During the class, you will start with clearing your blockages, opening your intuition and connecting with Mother Earth though some powerful meditations. You will learn the techniques on how to connect to the heart of animals, and how to receive messages from animals. There will be many exercises with other students. You will practice asking some very simple questions which your fellow students can verify immediately that you are right. You will then move on to earn how to solve basic problems.

At the end of Level 1 workshop, 100% of my students have succeeded in connecting with animals and receiving messages. Level 2 workshop will improve students’ communication skills, connect with passed away animals, and teach you how to handle more complicated cases.

Animal Communication is one of the most beautiful gifts from the Universe. I’ll be delighted to guide you and accompany you on this journey!

Level 1 covers:

What is Animal Communication
Different Ways of Receiving Messages from Animals
Self Protection
Clearing Blockages
Grounding to Mother Earth
Connecting to Father Sky
Opening your Intuition & Telepathic Abilities
Trust and Confidence in Yourself
Connecting with your Animals
Steps to Communication with Animals
Solving Simple Animal Behaviour Problems
Dog Problems and Dog Owner’s Responsibilities
Ethics and Code of Conduct

Level 2 covers:

Rainbow Bridge
How to Communicate with Passed Away Animals
Animal Behaviour Mirroring
Emotions and Body
Lost Animals
How to Handle Lost Animal Cases
Connecting with your Animal Guide
Case Studies

How much does it cost for Animal Communication Workshop in Macao?

Level 1, One full-day workshop: MOP2,925

Level 2, One full-day workshop: MOP3,515

(Workshops can be arranged on Request with minimum 3 students)

Registering both Level 1&2 at the same time will enjoy 5% discount.

Location: online via ZOOM

Excerpts From Clients Feedback

(Animal names replaced with cat/dog for privacy)

Thank you so much for chatting with (my cat). I’m glad he’s happy and feels loved! It’s currently 3:17am, and (my cat) is happily lazing at the foot of our bed. He hasn’t slept with us in years, and I’ve missed it!! So thank you!!!!!
– Sharon, USA

Wow! I’m speechless! You described my cats personality so very accurately!! I am so grateful for your contact with him! And i think it really helped dad very much too! Your ability is so very amazing!! Such a special and wonderful gift to have! I can’t thank you enough!
– Amanda, Australia

Your feedback has been very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with (my dog). It has helped me tremendously to recognize that he has been in tune with my stress Thank you again for everything!
– Matt, Canada

Animal Communication Service Packages

For any animal cases, please provide a full-body photo of the animal with their eyes clearly seen from the front. In certain cases I may need the photo of the owner, their family members if relevant, and the photos of other animals living together.
Phone sessions can be conducted through voice calls on WhatsApp /Skype /FB Messenger /WeChat /Viber… etc.

Animal Communication Packages:

(Scroll down to see the pricing table for comparison.)

Ruby Package: MOP900

  • 1 consultation either by email or by phone (Maximum 45 minutes)
  • Only 1 animal

Suitable for: Animal Reading, Animal Past Life Reading, Passed Away Animals

Sapphire Package: MOP1,600

  • 1 initial consultation
  • 1 Follow-up session within 1 month 
  • Up to 2 animals

Suitable for:  Lost Animals, Animal Behavior Problems, Health Issues

Diamond Package: MOP1,900

  • 1 initial consultation
  • 3 Follow-up sessions within 2 months, can be by email, messages, or by phone (maximum 30 minutes)
  • Unlimited number of animals

Suitable for: Multiple pets, Animal Behavior Problems, Health Issues, Animal Bereavement

Packages Price

Ruby Package

  • Initial consultation
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Number of Animals : 1
  • Validity: -

Sapphire Package

  • Initial consultation
  • Follow-up sessions : 1
  • Number of Animals : 2
  • Validity: 1 month

Diamond Package

  • Initial consultation
  • Follow-up sessions : 3
  • Number of Animals : Unlimited
  • Validity: 2 months
  • Initial Consultation by email or by phone: 45 minutes max.
  • Follow-up sessions by email or by phone: 30 minutes max