Animal Communication

What Can You Do With Animal Communication (1) – Behavior Problems in Dogs

One of the most common cases that Animal Communicators handle is animal behavior problems.  90% of behavior problems that I’ve worked with were Dog behavior problems. Anxiety, biting, toilet at wrong places, excessive barking, aggression, destructive behavior, over protection, depression… etc.

Before I work on the case, I always make sure the owner has already consulted the vet and ruled out any physical problems.

Interestingly, 90% of Dog behavior problems are Human problems. I must educate the human, not the dogs. Dog problems usually are automatically gone once the human does the right thing.

  • Dogs are like children. They need love, but equally importantly, they need Discipline and Education. A spoiled dog is like spoiled children. We all know what happens when children are spoiled, right?
  • Dogs need exercises as well as stimulation just like humans. Not enough exercise/playing will lead to behavior problems caused by excessive energy or boredom.
  • Dogs live in hierarchical societies. They need a Pack Leader. If the owner can’t behave as a Pack Leader, the dog will become the leader him/herself.
  • Dogs discipline and obedience training doesn’t mean “doing tricks”.
  • Dog owners must be responsible for their dogs’ education and training, like parents to their children. They should not solely rely on Animal Communicator for behavior correction.

Having a dog is much more than just feeding them. Dog owners should learn how to be a responsible owner. It will make the life better for both the owner and dog.