Calm Down Your Pets

3 Ways to Calm Down Stress in Pets + HandsOn Healing 101

We talked about how animals can absorb human’s negative energy and show signs of stress, which will eventually lead to physical sickness. If you have noticed early signs of stress in your pets, and you know it’s related to your own negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, worry, anger, etc. the most important thing is first to calm down and relax yourself.

1. Breathing:

Science has proven that deep breathing is very effective in calming our mind. The simplest way to practice deep breathing is to count while you breath. Count 6 while inhaling, count 8 while exhaling. This is also a common practice in yoga. For beginners, if you find 6 and 8 are too long for you, you can also do 4 in and 6 out. The key is to make your exhale longer than inhale. Do this at least 10 times. See how that calms you down, and how your pets react to it!

2. Meditation:

We can reach a high vibration during meditation. One of my cats he’s not a lap cat. But very often when I’m sitting there doing my meditation, he’d come to sit on my lap. He likes that energy. Animals are highly sensitive to energy. Meditation is a very healthy habit to our own mental and spiritual health. When we are mentally calm and healthy, guess what that brings to our pets?

3. Hands on healing.

We all have natural born healing abilities, whether or not you’ve learned any healing modalities. Today I’m going to teach you a very simple way to use your hands to calm down your stressed pets. First, make sure you are in a calm and peaceful state yourself. Rub your hands, move your fingers and warm up your hands. Imagine blue or green light coming out from your palm. Purely imagination. Blue and green are colors that’s calming and soothing. Any shades of blue or green is fine. Once you can imagine that light coming out from your palm, put your hands on your pet, or a few inches away above your pet. Just keep imagining that light flowing into the body of your pet. At the same time, in your mind, send the calming, peaceful thoughts to your pets. If you are able to do this for at least 10 minutes, that’ll be ideal. No more than 30 minutes. Let me know how it works. Trust yourself, you have the ability to heal. The only difference between yourself and professional healers is that their energy is much stronger, and they can get feedback from animals’ energy, so the healing is much more powerful and effective, and you see results faster.

Try these methods and share with me your experience!