Egypt Retreat with YuYu - Preparation

Congratulations! You have successfully registered for the Egypt Retreat with YuYu.

We are going to Egypt! How exciting!

Here are the next steps. Please read carefully.

Step 1.  Passport

Check the expiration date of your passport.  If the validity will be less than 3 months at the date of travel, or if there are less than 2 blank pages left, it’s advisable to book in advance with the authorities for passport renewal.


Step 2.  Air Ticket

Please wait till I inform you that the group is confirmed before booking your flight ticket (will be at the end of December 2023). It is advisable to book your international flight ticket no later than 2 months before departure, later than that you might risk an increase in ticket price.

When booking your ticket, it is highly recommended to book the modifiable and refundable fare.

There are daily flights from Hong Kong / Singapore to Cairo on various airlines, among them Emirates has the best schedule.

You must arrive in Cairo before night time on Friday 12th April, ideally before dinner time.

Your international return ticket may leave Cairo any time on Monday 22nd April. Keep in mind that you will need to check out from the hotel before noon time.

Step 3. Visa

Please check information whether you need a visa to enter Egypt.  If you do, please let us know. We will provide you with Hotel booking confirmation.

It is important to make sure you give yourself sufficient time for visa application.


Step 4.  Travel Insurance

It is compulsory that you purchase your own personal travel insurance prior to the payment of the full package. Your travel insurance should cover the following:

  • Medical
  • Personal accident or death
  • Cancellation and curtailment
  • Emergency evacuation from the scene of the accident or sickness to the nearest best hospital and then repatriation
  • Loss or damage of baggage, travel documents and cash
Step 5.  Packing list After the full payment is made, start getting ready for your trip!  You may start packing as early as you wish!  🙂
    • Sun hat, sun umbrella, sun protection and sun block. Remember Egypt is in desert climate. It can get very hot and the sun is very strong.
    • Comfortable walking shoes.
    • Clothing:
      • Temperature in April in Egypt range between 23-29 C. However, be prepared that there might be chilly morning/evenings and extreme heat during the day.
      • Pack light colored clothing.
      • Bring a light fleece in case it gets chilly.
      • Dress conservatively. Knee-length or longer dresses and long sleeves are preferable for women, and men should not wear shorts outside tourist areas. Respect religious and social traditions to avoid offending local sensitivities.
      • Long, baggy skirts and/or pants.
      • Long-sleeved t-shirts.
      • Bring a light scarf / shawl to protect your head and shoulder when necessary.
      • Bathing suit, if you plan to enjoy the pool in the hotel during free time.
    • Plug converter:
    Egypt uses plug Type C and Type F.  It is recommended that you bring a plug converter with you.

Other Information:


Local currency is Egyptian Pound (EGP).  At Cairo airport you can change major currencies (including USD, EUR, SGD, HKD, AUD, etc) into EGP.  You can also get cash in EGP from ATMs in most touristic places.

It is advisable that you get sufficient cash for your needs for the entire trip at the beginning.

You will need cash to buy souvenirs at local vendors and give tips to the guides and servers. At the hotels your expenses will be your drinks, which can be paid by credit card.



Egypt is a country where people in tourism industry depend heavily on tips. It’s called “Baksheesh”.  You will find that people in services expect or demand “Baksheesh” from you everywhere, even at places where you don’t feel you have enjoyed any services, and at times they could be persistent. It is better to carry some small amount of cash (US$1 equivalent) with you all the time.  – It’s the easiest way to keep yourself out of annoyance.

Tips are at your own discretion. However, there is a required minimum amount of tips for the Dahabiya, US$50 per person for the entire journey of 4 nights on the Dahabiya for the staff on the boat.

For the local services such as taxi or restaurant, it is customary to leave a 10-15% tip.

It is a nice gesture to leave a tip of US$1 – 2 equivalent per day to the hotel cleaning staff.

For the guides it is advisable to tip minimum US$10 per person per day.

All tips should be given in local currency.