Shamanic Healing

Shamans believe that all problems, physical, emotional or mental, have their root cause in spiritual imbalance. A shamanic healer moves into an altered state of consciousness to access a hidden reality in the spirit world for purposes of bringing back healing, power, and information. Yu Yu uses shamanic tools and methods, such as crystals, sound, journeying, and hands on healing, to remove misplaced energy, retrieve information for healing and growth, and help you restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem, thus improve your physical, mental and spiritual health. Benefits may include:
  • Enhanced Wellbeing
  • Increased Clarity
  • Purification of Energy
  • More Balanced and Aligned
  • More Energized
  • Increased Intuition

Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides

We all have guardian angels and spirit guides who are protecting and guiding us all the time, but do you know who they are and how they look like? Do you hear them? Have you ever “met” them? Do you think you are connected with them and receiving their messages? In this session, Yu Yu will combine shamanic hands-on and hypnosis techniques to lead you into a deeper spiritual experience, help you to open up your channels and connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Past Life Regression

Our mind carries both wisdom and scars from our past-lives. Unsolved issues from past-lives can still influence us in this life time. They may take the form of chronic physical issues, inexplicable emotions, fear or phobia with no clearly known causes, recurring themes, patterns and behaviors.. etc. Exploring our past-lives helps us in our healing and personal growth. In this session, Yu Yu will lead you on a journey towards the past and help you to obtain the wisdom and learn the lessons from your past-lives.