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How Do Our Emotions Affect Our Pets Health

Accumulated negative emotions will cause physical problems

As we know our physical issues are mostly caused by emotional problems. For example, scientists have already proven that cancer is caused by emotional issues accumulated from 3 to 7 years ago. Our negative emotions, if not properly released, will build up toxins in our body. When the toxins accumulate to a certain extent, it will manifest into a physical problem in our body. You might have read about many psychosomatic studies. You might have also heard of the theory according to Chinese medicine — anger damages the liver, sadness damages the lung, fear damages the kidney, worry damages the spleen, and ecstasy damages the heart.

Animals pick up human’s emotions and absorb our energy innocently

Animals are very open and very connected to their human caretakers. They can feel what we feel and they absorb our energy and our emotions innocently. When the negative emotion is affecting our body, it is affecting our pets at the same time. However, the bodies of our pets are way smaller than ours. Therefore, the physical problems very often show up in their bodies much faster than in ours.

Many pet owners may have already noticed that their pets are suffering the same dis-ease as themselves, especially among the pets that the human feels deeply connected to. If this situation happens to you, it is almost certain that your pet is taking on your negative energy. While treating the physical problem of yourself and your pets, it is beneficial for you to analyze the deep emotional cause of the problem in yourself and try to heal it at the root level.

Animals can echo our emotions through their behavior

Sometimes our pets absorb our feelings and emotions, and show it out as a behavior.

A lady had two dogs since many years and they never had any behavior issues. She had to move to a different city to live with the husband and his parents. She didn’t get along with the mother-in-law at all. A few months after she moved, both of her dogs started to have behavior problems. One of them started barking excessively and the other started biting. The vet didn’t find anything physically wrong with the two dogs. It turned out that the lady was holding a lot of anger and resentment against the mother-in-law. She really wanted to scream and yell at her but she couldn’t. She was so mad at her that she often imagined herself getting into a physical fight against the mother-in-law. Her dogs could totally feel her emotions and absorbed her energy. Therefore, they were acting out for her, by barking and biting.

Some years ago my cat Alley suddenly started to have diarrhea. The vet did all kinds of tests for him and tried all kind of medicine. But his diarrhea just wouldn’t go away. It went on for 8 months. Finally my teacher pointed out to me that I should look at my own emotions. Diarrhea is often associated with the emotion of “letting go”. During that period of time, there’s something happening in my own life. Something that I was holding onto which I really needed to let go. As my cat was picking up this energy, he was telling me, through diarrhea, to let go, let go, let go… When I finally realized this, I understood the root cause. I decided to let go and move on in my life. And finally, Alley’s diarrhea stopped.

We should pay attention to our own emotional health not just for ourselves, but also for the health of our pets. Next time if your pet developed a physical or behavior problem, it could be a sign that you need to check your own emotions.

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