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How Do You Know If It’s Time To Let Your Pet Go?

Coco was a quiet and low maintenance cat. Her human daddy once wanted me to ask her if she had any requests. She told me she was happy and didn’t demand anything.

A couple of months later, while chatting with the “daddy”, I casually asked him how Coco was doing. To my big surprise, he told me that they just put her to sleep a few days ago! He told me that Coco seemed to be unwell that day. They took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Although it was early stage, there’s no cure. So they decided to let her go on the spot. They didn’t even bother to take her home.

We all know that kidney cats, if maintained well, can still live for a few years. When I adopted one of my own cats, she was already at the late stage of kidney failure, but she still lived 9 more months of happy life. I was appalled that they simply killed the cat immediately at the first diagnosis. “But there’s no cure anyway. What’s the point of wasting money on her?” said the daddy, “Just the checks at the vet that day cost me a few thousand dollars!”

I was yelling silently inside me, “If your grandma was diagnosed with kidney failure, there’s no cure either, and it’s going to cost lots of money treating her. Would you also euthanize her?”

I choked my words, but I couldn’t help being sad and angry. Coco was only 8 years old. Even though they had her since a kitten, apparently she was still not treated as family. Her life was still measured by money.

That evening, Coco’s spirit suddenly came to talk to me. She told me she was very disappointed that her life was cut short unexpectedly. It was part of the plan of her soul to experience a life being a sick cat. Now the human interrupted her plan, she has to start all over again! Now she has to come back to next life to be a cat again and to experience sickness.

Murphy the dog, on the other hand, was much luckier compared to Coco.

Murphy was a 10-year-old dog. He had cancer since a period of time. He had already gone through some chemo therapy, and according to the vet, even that wouldn’t be of much help to him anymore. His parents came to me when he looked very sick. They were sad to see him suffering and wondered if it was time to send him to heaven.

When I connected with Murphy, he told me that his time was not up yet. He wanted to experience sickness. He needed at least 2 more months in this world. I told him, “But your parents are sad to see you suffering.” He said, “I’m fine. It’s just a crisis. I’ll be better in a few days. Please, please, tell them to give me at least 2 more months!”

His parents listened to me, even though it was painful for themselves, and Murphy looked like he was about to leave any minute. However, a few days later, just like Murphy said, he really became a lot better!

His parents gave him all the pamper they could offer. He had all his favorite food and was the center of the attention in the family every day. Murphy’s happy life continued for about 2 months, until one day, he collapsed again. His parents called me again.

This time, Murphy told me, “Ok, yes, now it’s my time. I’m happy to leave now. I’ve enjoyed my life. Please tell my parents how much I love them, and thank them for giving me a nice life. Also I’d like to thank you for telling them to give me these 2 extra months. I love to be pampered even though I’m sick. I’m a happy dog! Please tell them they can take me to the vet now. Goodbye!”

Murphy’s parents decided to take him to the vet the next day. But that night, Murphy left by himself during his sleep.

Murphy was really fortunate to have parents who respected his wish and made his life experience complete.

Being a responsible and loving pet parent, it is certainly painful to see your pets sick, and it is even more painful if you have to make the decision whether it’s time to cut short the suffering of your pet. Keep in mind that whether humans or animals, every soul came to this life for a purpose and experience. We, as humans, happened to have the power and capability to terminate the life experience of other souls. We must use that power very, very cautiously.

Respect life. Respect your pet’s soul. Discuss with an Animal Communicator before you make your decision!

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[First published with Naari Magazine.]