How I Found My Life Path

I don’t have human children. Dasher, the cat, is my daughter. She lived with me for 9 months.

My background is in business. I spent a large chunk of my life in schools in Corporate. I used to work 16 to 20 hours a day, making millions of dollars for the company. But I never liked my Corporate job. No matter how much money I made for the company, it didn’t have any impact on anybody’s life. I felt empty, and burning away my life.

Finally, one day, I decided to quit the Corporate world in search for something I really enjoy doing, something that would make a difference for others, and make my life meaningful.

During the period of exploration, I decided to adopt a cat. I searched online. Among tons of photos of rescued stray cats, this particular cat somehow attracted me. She’s very common street cat, with a clipped ear. She’s tabby, mixed with white patches on her face and chest. It was just one photo. I didn’t know why, but I decided to pick her. Her name was Dasher.

It was love at first sight for both of us. The first night I took her home, Dasher slept next to my pillow. We bonded so well, as if we had known each other before. I asked her jokingly, “Dasher, have we met before in our previous life?”

However, since she came, Dasher never ate anything, no matter what I tried to feed her. After a few days I had to bring her to the vet.

The diagnosis came. Kidney failure. Late stage. No cure. I literally collapsed.

Dasher was in her cat carrier. The vet pushed it to me, over the cold metal desk. “Ms, Yu, You must understand, there’s no cure for kidney failure. This cat is in a very bad state. I suggest you put it down. “ There was no expression on his face, his moustache was the only thing moving. His voice was chilling. He didn’t even want to look at me.

I was trembling. “What.. what, there’s nothing I can do? Is there any medicine?” The vet said, “It’s not worth it. Ms. Yu, It is just a street cat anyway.”

My heart was sinking, tears running down on my cheeks. — What do you mean “Just a street cat”? I wanted to scream. So her life is less valuable than a pure breed cat somebody spent a lot of money buying? – I held my outrage, choked back my tears, and took Dasher home.

I called the organization where I had adopted Dasher for advice.

“Oh, we are so sorry! “ The lady sounded quite concerned. “We didn’t know it was a sick cat. Eh..If you want, you can bring it back. We will swap it with a new cat.” — What? A new cat? — I was puzzled, Did I just buy a TV that’s faulty, and I can just bring it back to the shop and exchange a new one? — “No!” I told the lady. “I am keeping Dasher. I picked her among all the cats waiting to be adopted. She came to my life for a reason.”

I changed vet clinic for Dasher. They were much happier to help her. I tried everything to treat her. I learned how to give her medicine and injection daily. I took great care of her. She quickly got much better. At times even the vets said she looked so well that nobody could guess she was so sick. I gave her all my love. We had a very deep connection. She slept in my arms every night. When I cried, Dasher would lick up my tears..

Dasher lived happily with me for 9 months. It’s the equivalence of 5 human years, which is a significant amount for someone who was “sentenced to death” by the doctor.

Finally, Dasher’s body gave up and she passed away.

A part of my life was gone with her. I was experiencing huge pain and sorrow. For 2 weeks I did nothing but lying on the couch and crying. Then I started to search for answers. I wanted to understand. Why did Dasher come to my life, why so short? Why did we have such a deep bond? How come we didn’t meet each other much earlier?

I sought out healers, psychics, mediums, animal communicators. One healer I met was Ms Chan. She told me, Dasher had been my daughter for many life times. But in every life time, she died before me. She came to my life this time to remind me of my life purpose. “What is my life purpose?” I asked her. She told me, “You have been a White Witch for many life times, and this life you should do the same. You must become a healer to help other people and animals.”

Ms. Chan went on to tell me that I should also heal Dasher at a soul level so we won’t repeat the same story again. I had no idea what she was talking about. “Huh? But how? She’s already gone!” She said, “You know the magick, it’s very simple. You can heal her with just water! Learn it! Read some books! ”

“Books? Like Harry Potter?” I was totally confused, even a bit scared.

I came back and didn’t want to believe too much what Ms. Chan said. I continued seeing other healers and psychics. I wanted to get information from different resources. Most importantly, I wanted to find a cure to my pain of losing Dasher.

Suddenly one day, I received a newsletter from one of the healers I met. She was teaching a workshop called “Water Healing”. Bingo! Water? I remembered what Ms. Chan said about water. Clearly that’s a sign! So I went to that Water Healing workshop.

At that time, I knew nothing about healing, energy, chakra… I was sitting there in the workshop, crying most of the time. “I wish I had known this stuff earlier. I could have saved my cat!” “No.” My teacher shook her head, “You wouldn’t. Your cat came to your life to bring you on the right path. If she hadn’t passed away, you wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

That was how I started my spiritual journey.

Today, I am a healer, an animal communicator and a life coach. I found my life purpose, and for that, I am forever grateful to Dasher.


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[First published with Naari Magazine.]