Past Lives of Your Pets

Do you Know the Past Lives of Your Pets?

My cat Hope loves yoga! I discovered it since I started to do daily workouts at home after the Lockdown. Every time I do yoga, Hope goes to the TV and watches attentively, then she’d come to my yoga mat and wants to participate. She only reacts when I’m doing yoga, not to anything else I do.

Puzzled, I decided to journey to her past lives. I found out that indeed, she was a Yoga Guru in Varanasi! I could see her white robe sweeping the streets by the Ganges.. and I was a student of her!

In most cases, we have lived at least one past life together with our pets. The theme often correlates to our present life. All my cats came to my life this time to help me — guiding me on the right track, teaching me unconditional love, giving me wisdom, assist my animal work… etc.

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