Pets' Health During Lockdown

What Can You Do To Help Your Pets’ Health During Lockdown?

While we are coping with a new way of life being locked down at home during the pandemic, our fur friends are keeping us accompany, supporting us and sharing our ordeal. Not only do they absorb our negative energy such as anxiety, fear, worries… they are also living in confinement.

In many places, walking your dog is not allowed. We all know that it’s harmful for dogs’ health if they can’t get proper exercise. As a compensation, you need to dedicate more time than usual to engage in physical activities with your dog. Play with them, make them run and jump. If you have a garden for them to do so, you are lucky. If you only have four walls, then try to be creative. Make them jump on and off the chair, for example. Push away some furniture and make room for them to run. Exercises are as important for your dogs as for ourselves. Exercises will drain the excessive energy in the dogs and reduce their stress.

In the case of cats. We know that cats are territorial and solitary. When we stay for a prolonged time at home, many cats can feel stressed as their territory is being occupied constantly. A good solution for this is “catification” your home. Create cat pathways at the higher place, on the wall, near the ceiling. Those areas human can’t reach, so cats can feel that those are their territory. While you have plenty of time at home, it could be a good new hobby to take on – making cat furniture! It’s easy to fix some extra boards on the walls. Otherwise, again, be creative. Move away the junk that’s been piled up on top of your shelves or closets, create a new space for your cats to stay.

Exercises! Again, same as for dogs, spend more time than usual to play with your cats and engage them in physical activities. That will drain their excessive energy and ease their stress for having to share their space with humans 24 by 7.

Hope you and your pets all stay safe and healthy!