Sekhmet & Bastet

Whispers from the Sands: Lessons in Healing and Communication from Sekhmet and Bastet

During a recent spiritual journey to Egypt, I ventured beyond the physical beauty of its ancient landscapes and found myself deeply connected with two powerful deities: Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of war and healing, and Bastet, the nurturing cat goddess of home, fertility, and cats. This trip was not only a pilgrimage to the heart of ancient spirituality but also an educational journey that introduced me to unprecedented methods of healing and communication with animals.

Sekhmet’s Strength: Channeling the Warrior Spirit in Healing

Sekhmet, often depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians, is a symbol of strength and fierceness. In ancient times, she was invoked to provide protection and ward off illness. During one of my meditation sessions by her statue in Luxor, Sekhmet revealed to me one of my past lives while I was herding hundreds of lions as my army and fighting against enemies. The powerful presence of Sekhmet guides me to embrace my inner strength and use it to intensify the healing energies I channel. Sekhmet taught me a new healing method that involves channeling the warrior spirit and the fire energy, a technique that strengthens the healer’s resolve and enhances the healing process, particularly in animals who have suffered trauma or severe illness. This method focuses on invoking courage and resilience, empowering not just the healer but also the receiving animal to overcome their afflictions with a warrior’s spirit.

Bastet’s Whisper: Cultivating Gentleness and Understanding in Communication

In contrast, Bastet, the gentle and protective goddess who appears with a cat head and a woman’s body, embodies the balance of gentle power. Amids the chaos of Cairo, amidst the chaos, I found tranquility in my healing session, during which Bastet imparted the subtle arts of communication—how to listen and respond to the unspoken needs of animals. She introduced me to a method that involves using gentle energy of the Nile River to counteract the malicious energy inside the bodies of animals suffering severe illnesses. Her energy leads to more effective interventions and support, and helped a client’s cat who was in ICU to bounce back the next day after just 1 healing session.

Integrating Divine Wisdom with Healing Energy

The insights from Sekhmet and Bastet have profoundly enriched my practice of animal communication and animal healing. By integrating these methods with the other techniques that I have been using, I can offer an even more effective approach to animal healing. Animals, much like humans, require both strength and gentleness, and learning to apply these in balance has allowed me to connect with them on a deeper level.

In sessions since returning from Egypt, I’ve noticed a heightened sensitivity to the animals’ energy and health issues, and a stronger reciprocal response from them. This two-way communication fosters a shared understanding and a mutual journey of healing, reflecting the lessons imparted by Sekhmet’s might and Bastet’s tenderness.

A Continuing Journey of Discovery

This trip has not only been a journey through the sands of time but also a journey into the depths of spiritual and communicative practice. The teachings of Sekhmet and Bastet continue to inspire my approach to animal communication and healing, reminding me that every creature, large or small, fierce or gentle, speaks a language waiting to be understood. As I continue to explore and integrate these ancient wisdoms, I am reminded of the universal truth that connection transcends time and species—it is eternal, just like the sands of Egypt.

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