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Was Chiquita Poisoned? — Animal Healing

Was Chiquita Poisoned?

When Jo contacted me, he sounded a bit desperate. He and his wife were travelling abroad, while their dog back at home, Chiquita, was being taken care of by their housekeeper, who had just called telling him that Chiquita was “poisoned”. It was night time back at their home country. The housekeeper couldn’t take Chiquita to the vet.

All pet parents know, when we travel away from home, one of our biggest nightmares would be that our beloved fur babies back at home fall sick! I could imagine the worry, anxiety and fear that Jo and his wife were suffering.

I immediately connected with Chiquita. With the symptoms she described, and the aid of my psychic ability, I sensed it was not poisoning, but gallbladder problem.

I gave a healing session remotely to Chiquita to support her over the night. The next morning, Chiquita was already visibly better. The housekeeper took her to the vet, who then confirmed it was a Gallbladder Inflammation. The vet prescribed medicine and gave instructions on her diet management.

Chiquita was put on gluten-free diet. I continued a few more healing sessions for her. She recovered very soon and never had any gallbladder problems since then.

How Does an Animal Communicator Help You When Your Pet is Sick

Imagine what happens if you go to a doctor and simply says “I’m sick.” and nothing more? How many checks and exams does the doctor have to run in order to find out about your problem? — That’s how it is when we bring our pets to a vet. Pets don’t speak human language. The vet will have to guess and check lots of items in order to find out what’s wrong.

Animal Communicators give a voice to your pets, so that they can “tell” the vet how they are feeling unwell. That will narrow it down for the vet and give the vet much better clue what he/she should be checking for.

When we ask animals about their discomfort, they will tell us about their symptoms, just like when we go to the doctor, we describe what’s wrong with us. However, animals won’t be able to tell us clearly which organ went wrong. We can’t expect them telling us, “I have a Gallbladder inflammation.” Or “I have a Kidney stone.” — I’m afraid even we humans ourselves won’t be able to know that! 🙂

Luckily, many Animal Communicators are at the same time psychics. In the case of Chiquita, it was my psychic ability that told me it was a gallbladder problem.

So What Is Healing For Animals?

Healing is a holistic treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient. When someone is sick, we often say they are “low in energy”. By transferring energy to a sick person/animal, it promotes the body’s self-healing and stimulates the immune system. Universal energy or spiritual force (non religious) can be directed by intention. The transfer of energy is not limited by time or space. Therefore, healing can be remotely sent to any person or animal, regardless of geographic distance.

Healing for animals is the same as healing for humans. Animals are more sensitive to energy and their bodies are much smaller. Therefore, healing for animals can often see results much faster than on humans.

There are many different types of healing energy, depending on the main source or “origin” of the energy. We call them “healing modalities”. When I give healing to animals, I trust my intuition on which modality I pick. Certain types of energy can work particularly well on certain conditions.

For severe physical cases, I usually pick healing modalities with strong energy, while for emotional issues, I usually pick gentle, soothing energy.

Sometimes animals also react differently to different types of energy. One of my own cats, for example, is very “picky” with energy. Among all the healing modalities I’ve tried on him, he can only put up with 2 types. If I use other types of healing, he’d either run away, or bite me!

Do You Still Need to Go To the Vet?

The answer is YES! Absolutely! We trust energy, and at the same time, we trust modern science too!

When your pet is sick, you need to go to the vet to get the diagnosis. Animal Communicators can help you to explain the symptoms better and help the vet to pinpoint the issues faster.

The vet will give you medicine and prescriptions. Whatever healing we can perform for the pet is supplementary to the medicine or medical intervention.

Energy healing works the best in the following scenarios:

• Emotional issues (before it manifest into a physical problem).
• Mild physical issues that may or may not need modern medical intervention.
• Supporting and speeding up the recovery for severe physical problems.
• In the case of terminal dis-eases, supporting, maintaining and providing a more comfortable state, slowing down the deterioration.

Energy healing is similar to traditional holistic medicine, such as Ayurveda, Chinese, Thai, Tibetan, North American Native Medicines… etc. Depending on your belief system, some people believe in it, some people don’t. Does it work for you? You won’t know until you try!