Learn How To Talk With Your Pets
Monday 23rd May 2022 at 7 PM (UTC+8 Singapore/Hong Kong time)
(12PM London, 9PM Sydney, 3PM Dubai, 11PM Auckland) (Online Event. Duration: 60 minutes)

Do you find it frustrating to see your pets looking at you in the eyes, as if they want you to know something, but you couldn’t understand what they were trying to communicate with you? …
Or when your well-mannered pets suddenly act aggressive —you know there’s something happen but sadly, you couldn’t figure out what’s wrong.

You have an emotional connection with your pet. You can feel when they want you to know something, or when they’re being hurt. However, that connection isn’t enough to help you understand your pets.

But what if it could be different…

Imagine you could understand what your pets are thinking — the meaning behind those emotions you see in their eyes. You can tell what they want, whether they are healthy or in pain, why they’re not listening to you, so on and so forth…

Join my free training now and learn to talk with your pets!

In this Free Training session you will be able to:

  • Learn the basics of how to connect with your pets and start to understand them.
  • Learn my 4 step framework which all my students use successfully to connect and communicate with their pets.
  • Learn how to connect with your pets at a soul level and deepen the bonds.
  • Ask questions about Animal Communication.
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What People Are Saying


It was an amazing experience! During the class, I could see the animal movement, behaviors; felt what they thought, how they felt, and their emotions; and also heard what they said. I was extremely surprised by what I had experienced and never thought I was able to connect with the animals and get their message through all these methods. It is more than what I expected.


 Yu Yu’s workshop is very well-structured, organized, and informative. Yu Yu walks us through the steps and also explains clearly. The class was enjoyable and easy to follow. After the class, I felt uplifted and happy. Yu Yu always encourages us to share our experiences after meditations and exercises. I was not confident with the messages that I received. However, with the loving support from Yu Yu and my classmates, I feel ok. I love the interactions in the class. I learned a lot from her. Thank you, Yu Yu! I love the class.