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What is Healing For Animals

What is Healing?

Before talking about healing for animals, first of all, let’s understand what is “healing”. The “healing” we are talking about here refers to “energy healing”, which is the practice of using subtle flow of energy throughout the body to help others or self to recover a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wound, and to restore health, wellness and balance.

We all know that everything has a vibration. That vibration is energy. It cannot be seen by our eyes, but it exists and often we can feel it. Even if we don’t entirely understand how it works, we can’t deny its existence.

Our body has its own ability to heal a wound or injury. Energy Healers make use of external resources from nature, such as the Universal energy (for example, Reiki), crystals, herbs, flower essence, sounds, etc. to balance, reactivate, reinforce, facilitate and accelerate the flow of our own energy and thus help our own natural healing process.

We’ve been studying the body’s energy centers for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures have records of curing dis-eases by balancing body’s energy centers, including Hindus, ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Energy healing has been proven by modern science to be beneficial in relieving pain & physical illness, reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.

Healing for Animals vs Healing for Humans

In today’s world, people are becoming more and more aware of the wellbeing of animals. Especially domestic animals, they are viewed not just as pets, but more as family members.

Animals are living beings with energy flow. Just like humans, animals have emotions and thoughts, and they are also souls residing in physical bodies, which have many energy centers, and they function the same way as on human bodies. Animals can also have issues not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What’s more, domestic animals can easily absorb and be affected by the energy, whether good or bad, from their human caretakers, and thus innocently carry the emotions of the humans. If the human energy is negative, animals will suffer from emotional or physical illness.

According to my experience, healing for animals is much faster and more effective than healing for humans. The reason being, animals are much more open and much more sensitive to energy than humans. They absorb energy quickly and the benefit of energy healing shows up much faster on animals than on humans.

If you are a pet owner and if you are seeking for some healing for yourself, It might be a good idea to give some energy healing to your beloved pets at the same time. Remember, your pets are taking in your energy. The issue that made you sick is equally making them sick. Energy healing will greatly help in preventing the negative energy from building up into a physical issue.
Does Healing Work for Me and My Pets?

– I don’t think I’m sensitive to energy. Does it work for me?
– I live in a different country. Does it work?
– I can’t bring my pet to see you. Will it work?

The answer is “Yes!” to all the questions above! Energy healing works for everyone and every animal. As long as it is a living being, the energy is there flowing nonstop, whether or not we know it. This energy is not blocked or weakened by the physical distance in the 3-dimensional world as we know it.

Think about making an internet phone call. Nowadays there are tons of Apps on our phone or computer at our finger tips for us to make voice or video calls with people no matter where they are located on this planet. Whether you are calling someone who is in the same city or on the other side of the earth, the quality of your call is not determined by your physical distance, but by the quality of your internet connection.

It works the same way when it comes to energy healing. Energy Healers can work on people or animals remotely, no matter how far they are located.

Sometimes, when a person is not open-minded or not ready to receive any healing, the energy channel could be blocked to certain extend, even if when this person is sitting right in front of you. That’s like when we say the “internet connection is not good.” In that case the result of healing may be affected.

However, as mentioned earlier, animals are much more open and much more ready to receive than humans. Energy healing to animals very rarely has any “connection” problems.

Benefits of Healing For Animals

This is a non exhaustive list of some benefits of energy healing for animals:

Enhanced Well-being
Boosted Immune System
Relieved Aches and Pains
Improved physical and emotional Health
Reduced Stress
Balanced Yin/Yang
Purification of energy
Realignment of Chakras
Strengthened human/animal connection
Increased Happiness
Prolonged Life
Complements for ongoing medical treatment

Remember, energy healing is an alternative therapy that does not replace modern medicine. If your pets are physically unwell, always consult a vet first.