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Why Do You Need Animal Communication?

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common for people to have pets. Many people treat their pets as part of the family. Apart from dogs and cats, people also keep birds, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, and other more exotic pets such as snakes, insects, frogs… etc.

Good news is that it has already become a widely accepted knowledge that animals are just like humans, they have their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, demands and needs. Many pet owners would come to Animal Communicators for help to understand better these feelings and needs of their pets. The bond and connection between the owner and the pets are strengthened through animal communication.

Animal Communicators can help pet owners in many different ways.

Animal Communication deepens the bond between you and your pets

Sharon came to me with some issues with their cat. The cat hasn’t been sleeping in their bed for years, while he used to do so every night when he was a kitten. After I talked with the cat, he understood that this means a lot to the humans. The same night after my session, the cat came back to sleep in the owner’s bed!

Judy adopted a dog with lots of anxiety and fear caused by past trauma. After understanding the feelings of the dog, Judy learned how to adjust her own energy so that the dog can absorb the positivity and strength from her own energy. The dog soon improved a lot and the bond between Judy and her dog is stronger than ever.

Animal Communication helps you to correct your pet’s behaviour issues

Do you have a pet who has some behaviour problems? For example, excessive barking, aggressiveness, over protectiveness with dogs, or, urinating outside the litter box and scratching at unwanted places with cats, etc. Animal Communicators can help you to talk with your pet, find out why they are doing that kind of behaviour, and work on correcting them.

Over the years I have helped numerous clients to successfully correct their pets’ unwanted behaviour. Of course, in many cases, the human also need to cooperate and adjust their own behaviour as well.

Animal Communication helps to find out more when your pet is sick and thus assists the vet’s diagnosis

When an animal is ill, don’t we wish they could just explain to us how they are unwell and where they are feeling the discomfort? Most of the time vets have to do lots of checks to find out the problem. With Animal Communication, we can check with your pets where and how they are feeling uncomfortable, and you will be able to give more information and/or suggestions to the vet to check that specific area and help the vet to diagnose much more easily and faster.

Jo’s dog had gal bladder stones. It could be life-threatening. I checked with the dog and found out where the pain was. When the owners were at the vet, they brought the information so the vet could immediately perform the relevant check to confirm the illness, and the dog’s life was saved.

Animal Communication helps you to find your lost pets

If someone’s pet unfortunately went lost, they can seek help from an Animal Communicator to find out where the animal is. However, animals are not able to tell us the street address like humans do. They can only show us a picture of their surroundings. The chances of finding them would decrease with the length of time since they are away. Typically you have a much better chance finding the lost pet if they’ve gone missing within 3 days.

Animal Communications enables you to learn wisdom from animals

Animals are not only our good companions, but they can also be our good teachers. They remind us of our own problems in life. Quite often pet owners can realize their own emotional or life issues through connecting with their pets, and gain some wisdom from the animals.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot from my own cats as well as from wild animals. For example, my cats taught me how they sweat, before I Googled and confirmed. Zebras told me how they count years. Whales can differentiate many individual human beings on a big ship instead of viewing the ship as one entity… etc.

I have also heard many comments from my own cats which are quite spiritual and philosophical.

Animal Communication helps you to make a better decision such as whether to take another pet, or when the pet’s life is approaching to an end

When you are thinking about bringing home a new animal, perhaps it’s a good idea to ask the opinion of your existing animal companion? Some people may assume their pets might feel lonely and want to take in a friend for them. Some people may assume their pets are friendly with other animals so it’s fine to get a new pet in. But sometimes they might find surprising answers from their pets! Knowing the preference of your existing pets would certainly help you to avoid future trouble.

When your animal is approaching the end of their life journey, it would also be greatly helpful if you know their preference before you make that hard decision. You may read my other blog posts on this topic.

In conclusion, if you are a pet owner, your life with your pets would be dramatically better if you are able to communicate with them! Even if you are just an animal lover without pets, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you are able to communicate with animals?

If you’d like to learn Animal Communication and enjoy all the wonders of the animal world, find out more about my Animal Communication Workshop.