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Animal Communicator in Hong Kong

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Yu Yu is an experienced Animal Communicator in Hong Kong (pet psychic) and healer. She has a natural-born bond and deep connections with the animal kingdom. She connects with your pets to understand their thoughts and solve issues. Yu Yu has helped hundreds of animal caretakers to understand their animals, deepen the bond and trust with their animal companions, and improve the life quality of both the human and the animals.

Yu Yu is also a teacher of Animal Healing and Animal Communication in Hong Kong. She hopes that through her teaching, more people will be able to connect with animals, to help both animals and their humans, as well as to raise people’s consciousness about animal welfare.

During her work with animals, she realized that most animal problems are in fact human problems. Many of her animal-parent clients later turned to seek her help in healing themselves.

Apart from speaking to “animals”, Yu Yu also connects with humans easily thanks to her strong intuition and rich life experience. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese, and is knowledgeable in vast domains because of her multi-disciplinary training. As a result, she can effectively heal both animals and humans. What makes her healing unique is that she combines many different methodologies and healing modalities to create tailor-made offers for each client to achieve the best results. What that means to her clients is that you see changes and shifts much faster.

With an MBA degree and years of work in the Corporate world, Yu Yu’s life course was completely changed due to the tragic loss of her 2 “cat daughters” within a short period of time, which sent her on a spiritual journey ever since.

Yu Yu is a Master Practitioner in Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing, and has qualifications in various healing modalities such as Shamanic Healing, Crystal Healing, Huna Healing, Color Therapy, Angel Healing, etc. She has been a long-time apprentice of the late Rosina Arquati, who was the first person to start teaching Animal Communication in Hong Kong. Yu Yu also followed many highly acclaimed spiritual tutors and healers worldwide in order to constantly advance on her spiritual path, as well as to enrich and empower her offers to her clients.

Yu Yu is currently based in Hong Kong, and offers remote services worldwide.

If you want to improve the life quality of your animal companions and stop worrying about them, choose wisely and pick a highly talented and qualified animal communicator (Pet Psychic)  & healer. Contact Yu Yu now and start changing your life thanks to your animal companions!

Yu Yu’s Book

Dasher book

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Two months after being abandoned, Dasher the cat finds a new home. Shortly after, she is diagnosed with kidney failure. The Vet suggests she be put down. What will happen to Dasher? What is her fate?

The story of the love between a cat and a human will touch your heart!