Wilderness Connection
A Journey of Discovery and Spiritual Awakening in Africa

Have you ever dared to dream of experiencing the African wilderness up close, a place where nature’s beauty and untamed wildlife embrace you? Can you envision standing mere yards away from the majestic lions, the mighty elephants, the graceful zebras, and the towering giraffes, all freely wandering in their natural realm? Have you ever aspired to have not just a conversation but a soul-to-soul connection with these incredible creatures?

Welcome to a transformative journey unlike any other—a 7-day retreat in the heart of Africa. Specifically designed for animal lovers and those seeking spiritual healing, this retreat will immerse you in the vast African wilderness for a life-changing adventure.


Your Journey to Transformation Begins Here
This extraordinary retreat isn’t just about witnessing Africa’s breathtaking beauty; it’s a spiritual awakening that will leave you profoundly changed. Our time together will open doors to your inner self that you might not have known existed.

Awakening Your Inner Potential
Upon returning from this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you’ll find that your spiritual abilities have flourished. Your channeling, connection with the unseen, intuition, telepathy, and psychic powers will have all significantly heightened. The African wilderness is not just a place of raw natural beauty; it’s a realm where ancient wisdom permeates the air, unlocking hidden talents within you.

A Journey Filled with Spiritual Rejuvenation
Set in a luxury Tree Top Lodge tucked away in the heart of South Africa, our retreat is an invitation to connect with the natural world and your own inner world. As you interact with Africa’s remarkable wildlife, engage in guided meditations, and practice animal communication, you’ll awaken dormant faculties within yourself.

Reconnecting with Nature’s Essence
Africa, the cradle of humankind, holds the key to a deeper connection with your roots and Mother Earth herself. You’ll unlock your dormant DNA, absorb the earth’s boundless energy, and elevate your own vibrational frequency. This is a return to your origins and an embrace of your destiny.

Empowered by the Energy of Africa
The land resonates with the power of the Earth, inspiring your growth and expansion. With the heartbeat of African drums in the background, you’ll tap into your inner strength, amplify your life force, and manifest the clarity, wisdom, and spiritual gifts you’ve always held within.

Your Transformation Awaits
Are you prepared for the adventure of a lifetime? It’s time to embark on a journey that will not only connect you with the African wilderness but also awaken your latent spiritual potential. By the end of this retreat, you will emerge as a stronger, more connected, and spiritually awakened individual.

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Feedback From Past Participants

So much Fun and Healing

Very Happy to Have Made The Decision to Join

This trip to South Africa with Yu Yu was phenomenal for my growth as an animal communicator. I now feel a much deeper connection with the animal kingdom that’s far beyond my expectations. My ability to communicate with animals in their habitat steadily increased throughout the journey, thanks to the encouragement and guidance from Yu Yu every step of the way. I now feel much more empowered as an animal communicator. After I came back, I feel my channel is clearer and my clairsentient and clairomniscient abilities became stronger. I’m in blossom.  This trip is life changing! 

   – Judy, Hong Kong

Before I decided to join YuYu’s Africa Retreat, I was a bit nervous about South Africa.  Now I’m very, very happy to have made a decision to join. There are lots of lots of opportunities to see animals and connect with animals.  It was a small group of people. So we take care of each other. I really feel comfortable in small groups. 

Probably the biggest reason to make differences from other retreats or tour is, YuYu was an owner of her own lodge in that area. So she has an extensive knowledge about the area, animals, people, culture. She is a part of community. She’s not a stranger or a visitor. That is also why we were feeling a part of the community.

After I came back, I feel that my psychic senses increased, and when I do healing, the feeling in my hands became stronger. I feel I can channel more clearly. 

So jump in and experience nature, Africa and culture and animals. You will enjoy it!

   – Yumi, Hong Kong

It was a pleasure to travel with a group of animal lovers who are on the same path to deepening their connection with the universe. It felt like everything came together perfectly, like it was meant to be. The place, the weather, the animals, the people, the unexpected… the universe favoured us. I had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Many thanks to YuYu for making this trip happen and being the spark that brought everything together.

 –  Jing,  Singapore

Indicative Itinerary

This itinerary is indicative and may change due to local conditions and circumstances.

Day 1: Arrival & Bush Immersion

As you arrive at Hoedspruit airport in the early afternoon, your adventure begins. We’ll whisk you away to our Lodge in the bush. After settling in, prepare to be amazed by a leisurely bush walk. Explore the African wilderness and discover its little wonders and hidden treasures.

In the evening, meditate beneath the breathtaking night sky, with the Milky Way as your celestial backdrop.


Day 2: Kruger National Park Safari

Early risers are in for a treat with a full-day guided safari in Kruger National Park, the largest national park in South Africa, and one of the largest in the entire Africa continent. This iconic park is renowned for its staggering array of wildlife, including the Big 5 and numerous bird species. Traverse the landscape, from mountains to bush plains and tropical forests, as you encounter creatures great and small.


Day 3: Elephant Connection & Horseback Adventure

At the break of dawn, we embark on an extraordinary journey to meet the majestic elephants, including Sebakwe, the beloved face of Amarula liqueur. Gain insight into elephant rescue and rehabilitation efforts. In the afternoon, a thrilling horseback safari awaits. Approach the wild animals like never before, as they view horses as fellow beings, allowing you to get closer to Africa’s untamed wonders.

Evening: Ceremonies connecting with Mother Earth, Manifesting Dreams and Cultivating Abundance.

Day 4 : Big Five Encounters & Jessica the Hippo

Early morning calls for a Big Five Game Drive in a renowned game reserve. Witness the splendor of lions, buffalos, elephants, rhinos, and leopards in their natural habitat. The day continues with a heartwarming visit to Jessica the Hippo. Get up close and personal with this remarkable, orphaned hippo, and be touched by her incredible bond with her human caregivers.

Evening: Renewal by Fire Ceremony: Ignite Positive Transformation, Release Negativity, and Begin Anew.


Day 5: Cultural Immersion & Traditional Healing

Step off the tourist trail as we venture into a local town, immersing ourselves in authentic culture. Explore markets, shopping malls, and schools, gaining insight into the lives of “real people.”  Then, you have the option to experience a 30-minute Reading and Healing session with a local “Sangoma”, a Traditional African Healer.

Today we will split to 2 groups. Morning/Afternoon with same program. While one group goes to town, the other will have leisure time at the Lodge.

Day 6 : Panorama Tour & Nature's Majesty

Awaken your senses with an early departure for a full-day Panorama tour. Traverse the Drakensburg Mountains and the Blyde Canyon (the 3rd largest canyon in the world), absorbing breathtaking views and magnificent landscapes. From canyons to valleys, waterfalls to plains, feel the awe-inspiring power of Mother Nature.

Day 7: Farewell & New Beginnings

After a week of profound experiences, we bid you farewell after breakfast. You’ll leave with cherished memories and a newfound connection to nature, wildlife, and your inner self.

Join Us on an Enthralling Journey to Africa's Heart!

Date: TBC
Location: Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa
Price: TBC
Registration Deadline: TBC

The Price Includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation in shared double room. 
  • Transportation to/from Hoedspruit airport.
  • All above-mentioned activities, entrance fees and transportation, except otherwise specified.
  • All meals.
Giraffe on a Game Drive

The Price Excludes:

  • All Air tickets.  
  • Beverage 
  • Tips and gratuity to local staff at your own discretion.
  • Personal expenses. 
  • Travel Insurance. 
Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge, Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa

General Information:

  • You must arrange your own air ticket from your home all the way to Hoedspruit, and it is strongly advised that you book your ticket as soon as we confirm your registration, due to very limited availability on domestic flights.  
  • This group is limited to a maximum number of 8 participants.  Early registration is highly recommended. 
  • The registration deadline and deposit policy is outlined in the registration form.
  • Please consult the South African consulate in your own hometown regarding visa and immigration requirements.  It is your own responsibility to make sure your immigration documents are up to date.
  • You must arrange your personal travel insurance
  • All activities will be conducted in English.

Frequently Asked Questions:

None. South Africa doesn’t require any vaccination, unless you are coming from a Yellow-Fever country.

Certain neighborhoods in big cities such as Johannesburg are not recommended for foreign visitors. The area we are going is a touristic area in the bush far from cities. It is generally a safe area. Just like everywhere else in the world, take normal precautions and pay attention to your valuables. Avoid carrying visible expensive or luxurious items.  

The area that we are going is a highly touristic area with high standard of hygiene that’s comparable to Europe. Tap water is NOT drinkable. Drinking water is provided at the Lodge that we are staying. You can fill your own water bottle when going out. 

The Lodge is situated in the wild bush. The rooms are comfortable tents or chalets comparable to 3-4 star hotels.  Internet is only available at the main reception area. 
Given the room’s design, it features an open wall between the bathroom and bedroom, which doesn’t extend all the way to the ceiling, and there is no separate door for the bathroom. Consequently, there may be limited sound and odor insulation, affecting the level of privacy. If you value enhanced privacy and comfort, we kindly suggest considering the option of a single supplement.

This Retreat is open to anyone who loves animals & nature and seeking spiritual healing. You don’t have to know Animal Communication.