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Animal Communicator in Singapore

Yu Yu is an experienced Animal Communicator in Singapore (pet psychic and healer). She has a natural-born bond and deep connections with the animal kingdom. She connects with your pets to understand their thoughts and solve issues. Yu Yu has helped hundreds of animal caretakers in Singapore to better understand their animals, deepen the bond and trust with their animal companions, and improve the life quality of both the human and the animals.

Yu Yu is also a teacher of Animal Communication in Singapore. She hopes that through her teaching, more people will be able to connect with animals, to help both animals and their humans, as well as to raise people’s consciousness about animal welfare.

During her work with animals, she realized that most animal problems are in fact human problems. Many of her animal-parent clients later turned to seek her help in healing themselves.

Yu Yu is currently based in Hong Kong, and offers remote services in Singapore and worldwide.

Animal Communication in Singapore

Are you frustrated, sad, or confused about your pet’s unwanted behavior?

Are you worried and anxious about your pet’s health condition and wish you knew how they feel and how you can make them more comfortable?

Are you still in pain of losing your beloved animal companion and wish you could connect with them?

Perhaps you are curious about your past lives with your pets and why they came to your life this time?

YuYu with Lion

Imagine you could get an answer to all these questions? What if now you could finally find out how to make your pets happier and healthier?

An Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) will be able to help you!

Yu Yu is experienced in Animal Communication in Singapore (Pet Psychic). With her help, you will be able to:

  • Connect with your pets to understand their thoughts and solve issues.
  • Deepen your bond with animals, thus to improve the quality of life for both yourself and your pets.
  • You will feel so happy, rewarded, and proud of yourself when your pets are happy, healthy and thriving!

If you no longer want to live with the confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, pain or even remorse that many pet parents have experienced, ask Yu Yu for help today!

Yu Yu also holds Animal Communication Workshops online. Click Here to follow her on social media and stay connected!

Animal Communication Workshop in Singapore

AC Workshop

If You Feel Connected With Your Pets, Then You Have What It Takes To Communicate Telepathically With Animals

Do you find it frustrating to see your pets looking at you in the eyes, as if they want you to know something, but you couldn’t understand what they were trying to communicate with you? …Or when your well-mannered pets suddenly act aggressive or weird —you know there’s something happening but sadly, you couldn’t figure out what’s wrong.

You have an emotional connection with your pet. You can feel when they want you to know something, or when they’re being hurt. However, that connection isn’t enough to help you understand your pets.

But what if it could be different…

Imagine you could understand what your pets are thinking — the meaning behind those emotions you see in their eyes. You can tell what they want, whether they are healthy or in pain, why they’re not listening to you, so on and so forth.

It’s NOT a ‘super power’ that someone’s born with, nor is it a complicated skill that takes years to master. Every human was born with the ability to communicate with animals through telepathy and intuition — It’s sleeping deep inside your subconscious mind, waiting to be awakened.

The good news: If you feel emotionally connected with your pets and animals around you, then you’ve taken the first and most important step. All that’s left is to strengthen that connection and open your intuition to develop and reawaken your ability.

Animal Communication is the art of connecting with animals telepathically to understand their thoughts, feelings and needs, and thus to improve and enrich the life of both the animals and their caretakers.

Animals communicate with each other through body language, sound, scent, and telepathy. That’s how they communicate with humans too. However, most of us don’t receive the telepathic messages because our channel is not as open as that of the animals. Once we learned how to open and activate our telepathic channel, we will be able to communicate with animals.

…And that’s exactly what you will learn from this workshop.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Conduct communication with animals, Including both domestic and wild animals as well as passed away animals.
  • Solve animal behavior problems.
  • Help people to find lost animals
  • Deepen the connection and bond with your pets.
  • Understand the purpose of your pets in your life.
  • Become more connected and opened up to intuition and spirituality.
  • Increase overall well-being and mindfulness.

How the workshop works…

The Workshop consists of 8 modules:
There are two levels of training in this workshop:
  1. Level 1 (Elementary Level)  focuses on opening your intuition and strengthening your connection with animals.
  2. Level 2 (Intermediate Level)  focuses on improving your animal communication skills, connecting with passed-away animals, and teaching you how to handle more complicated cases.

Level 1

Module 1. Basics and Preparation

• Understand what Animal Communication is and how it works.
• Understand how to receive messages from Animals.
• Learn how to do Self Protection.
• Clear blockages in your subconscious mind and get ready.

Module 2. Connection

• How to ground yourself.
• Clear your chakras.
• Opening your Intuition & Telepathic Abilities.
• increase trust and confidence in yourself.

Module 3. Communicate and Practice

• Techniques and Steps to communication.
• Lots of practice and sharing with your classmates.
• Capable of basic communication with animals.
• Receive simple messages.

Module 4. Solving Problems

• Dog & Cat Problems.
• Human Responsibilities.
• Solve simple animal behavior problems.
• Ethics of conducting animal communication.

Level 2

Module 5. Advanced Communication Skills

• Automatic Writing Channeling.
• Automatic Drawing Channeling.
• Connect with Passed Away Animals.
• Communicating with wild animals..

Module 6. Mirroring

• How Animals Act as our Mirrors.
• How Human Emotion Affect our Pets.
• Emotion and Body.

Module 7. Deeper Connection

• Connecting with your Animal Guide.
• How to Work with Animal Guide.
• Your Past Life with Your Pet.

Module 8. Working with Clients.

• How to Work on Lost Animals Cases.
• How to Handle Clients with Lost Animals.
• How to Work on Animal Bereavement.

You’re right… it’s an interactive class that’s full of interesting activities. The class is controlled to a small size so everyone gets enough attention from the instructor. Because of that, 100% of the previous students were able to connect and communicate with animals as soon as they’ve finished the level 1 class. Once you’ve completed the workshop, your new ability will not only deepen the bond between you and your pet but will also increase your intuition and spirituality that will lead you to better overall wellbeing and mindfulness. You will learn a lot more not only about your pets but also about yourself.

What people are saying about this program...


It was an amazing experience! During the class, I could see the animal movement, behaviors; felt what they thought, how they felt, and their emotions; and also heard what they said. I was extremely surprised by what I had experienced and never thought I was able to connect with the animals and get their message through all these methods. It is more than what I expected.


Yu Yu’s workshop is very well-structured, organized, and informative. Yu Yu walks us through the steps and also explains clearly. The class was enjoyable and easy to follow. After the class, I felt uplifted and happy. Yu Yu always encourages us to share our experiences after meditations and exercises. I was not confident with the messages that I received. However, with the loving support from Yu Yu and my classmates, I feel ok. I love the interactions in the class. I learned a lot from her. Thank you, Yu Yu! I love the class.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The sessions will be recorded and you can request the video to compensate for the missed parts.

No, This is a real LIVE TEACHING of full 12 hours. You need to join at scheduled dates and time.

No. There’s no prerequisites for this Workshop. All you need is your passion for animals.

Anyone can learn Animal Communication. It’s an inborn ability within all human beings. We just need to awaken it. With my methodology so far the success rate is 100%. All my students succeeded in receiving messages from animals.

Yes! You just need to have a passion and love for animals.

Yes! Within 30 days after the start of the class, if you have joined all the classes, participated in all the practices, and done all the homework, but you still feel you are not getting anywhere and this is really not for you, you get a 100% refund. -So far this situation has never happened before! 🙂

Joining this workshop can change your life!

As an animal lover, there’s nothing better than being able to communicate with your pets and every other animal you come across. Just imagine helping your friend address her dog’s bad behavior quickly and easily… or being able to instantly connect with any animals you meet on the street… as an animal lover, I know this experience would make your life feel complete. Obviously, once you’re able to understand everything your pets trying to communicate with you, your new ability will also deepen your bond with your pets. You will become a better friend and parent for them… and both you and your pets will feel happier as a result! So why wait? Register for this workshop today and begin your exciting journey as an animal communicator:

Want to arrange the workshop on your own schedule?

We got you covered! If you can’t join our workshop on the dates mentioned above, we accept a request to arrange the workshop on your own schedule. The requirements? Simple! Just invite at least one person to join with you for the online class, or 3 people for the in-person class. Click here to contact us and arrange the workshop on your chosen date.