Client Testimonials

“Thank you from the bottom of our heart! ”


We are very grateful to Yu YU for the pleasant services that she offered us when we had to leave for several weeks outside our country and left our beloved dog, Chiquita at home. Chiquita is a Lowchen, very happy but not very expressive, in any case we believed so … It is that we humans do not give ourselves the time to better communicate with our animals beyond basic things. And what a big surprise the day our housekeeper called us to tell us that Chiquita was poisoned! The world was falling, being thousands of kilometers away from our beloved animal, we were desperate! Fearful that they’d take her to the vet without us being there to supervise … What frustration and stress!

And we remind ourselves of Yu Yu, the Animal Communicator that we read about. We contacted her and she responded very quickly. She communicated with Chiquita. It turned out to be simply a small gallbladder problem. Simply?? We were very surprised, even more so with all that she taught us about our baby, our little animal! We learned a universe in just one hour! For example, we discovered that flour hurts her body … and we all thought she liked bread! Yes, Chiquita likes it, but it creates a lot of problems in her belly …

Yu Yu suggested that we still get the vet to check on Chiquita to be certain. Indeed, it was a gallbladder problem, confirmed by the vet! Yu Yu went on to do a remote healing session for Chiquita. Our housekeeper reported that Chiquita was significantly better that same evening. Yu Yu continued intensive healing sessions for Chiquita. 3 days later Chiquita was back to her normal self, as if nothing had ever happened to her.

We are very grateful to Yu Yu, not only did she help us to attend to a medical emergency for our dog, but she opened our eyes to the universal connection between living beings! We do not hesitate every time the opportunity presents itself, in recommending the services of this seasoned expert!

Jo & Sol, Bolivia

"Our bond is now stronger than ever!"

My newly-adopted rescue dog Lily came to me having experienced prior trauma as a stray. She was a highly anxious dog who was fearful of other dogs and would be triggered to flee at any moment. Working with a dog trainer was a bit of a slow process, so I started working with Yu Yu in the hopes of reaching out to Lily on a deeper level.

Yu Yu’s advice to me was to work on my own energy, as Lily might be picking up on my anxiety when we come across other dogs. I started meditating before our walks. One thing that also triggered Lily greatly and put her in a blind panic were flies. Using what Yu Yu taught me in her animal communication course, I communicated with Lily and showed her she was a brave girl who’s not scared of flies. I showed her mental images of us walking calming past flies and ignoring them. Lily stopped being afraid of flies practically within 48 hours. I’m slowly working with Lily on some of her other fears, and she’s gained so much confidence since.

Working with Yu Yu was the best decision I’ve made and my bond with Lily is now stronger than ever.

Judy, Hong Kong

"Yu Yu saved the life of my cat!"

I had my cat June since she was a kitten. She always had very good health. When she was 7 years old, suddenly, one day, she didn’t eat nor drink. I was quite surprised, I thought something was wrong with her food. The next day I went to get some new types of food for her, and fed her both the new food and her usual favorite food. She still didn’t touch it.

I was very worried. At the end of her third day without food or water, I took her to the vet. The vet did all kinds of checks – blood test, ultrasound, X-ray… etc, but he couldn’t find anything wrong. He gave her some vitamin. I spent thousands of dollars on the vet bill, and came home with June who still refused to eat and drink.

I was extremely worried and sad, seeing June getting emaciated day by day. The vitamin apparently didn’t help much. The vet told me I must start to force-feed June, or she’d die! So I went to get the syringe and cat food in paste form. A few times a day, I had to inject food and water by force into the mouth of June. She didn’t like it. She fought a lot. I struggled to get much food in her. She was suffering, and I was suffering too.

The situation lasted nearly 2 weeks, during which June refused to eat or drink anything apart from the small portion that I forcefully injected in her. June slept in her bed most of the time, visibly lethargic.

Desperately seeking help, I learned about Yu Yu from a friend. I had a talk with Yu Yu. She indicated that June had some emotional trauma and blockage, but we don’t know exactly what the reason was. Yu Yu suggested doing some healing for June.

At that time, I was barely opening up to the spiritual world. I wasn’t too sure if I really trusted healing. But in my desperation, I agreed to give it a try.

That same evening, I got a message from Yu Yu telling me that she just performed a healing session for June and asked me to keep her updated if there’s any improvement. Less than half an hour later, suddenly June stood up from her bed, and walked towards the food bowl and started eating!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a miracle! June also drank some water before going back to her bed. The next morning when I got up, her food bowl was already empty! I added some new food for her, and she quickly ate it again.

From then on, June became totally normal again with her food and water, as if nothing had ever happened! Till this day, I still don’t understand what happened to her. But I am infinitely grateful for Yu Yu. She saved the life of my cat June! I couldn’t thank her enough! And of course I also became a firm believer and supporter of energy healing!

May, Hong Kong

"He hasn't slept with us in years..."

Thank you so much for chatting with (my cat). I’m glad he’s happy and feels loved! It’s currently 3:17am, and (my cat) is happily lazing at the foot of our bed. He hasn’t slept with us in years, and I’ve missed it!! So thank you!!!!!

Sharon, USA

"It has helped me tremendously!"

Your feedback has been very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with (my dog). It has helped me tremendously to recognize that he has been in tune with my stress Thank you again for everything!

Matt, Canada

“I would recommend Yu Yu to anyone that needs some guidance in their life”

“I have been having reading sessions with Yu Yu for more than 2 years and the reading is usually done on a quarterly basis. She has been very helpful in terms of giving me advice in my career development, marriage life, relationship with my child, personal development and happiness. Her interpretation of my current status and prediction of what might happen in the future is usually accurate. I followed her advice to choose my current employer and what I have experienced in this company for the past 1.5 year has been true to what she described. She also helped me see clearly of my marriage and what I could do to increase my happiness. I would recommend Yu Yu to anyone that needs some guidance in their life.”

Isabelle, China

“Yu Yu was very authentic, unique and accurate and I can only recommend her highly!”

“I had recently had a reading by Yu Yu. I was amazed at how accurate she was about past events. Even telling me something that I only would know. Yu Yu was able to give me answers, especially from relatives who have passed, guide me with what is happening now and where my future is heading. Yu Yu was very authentic, unique and accurate and I can only recommend her highly!”

Adam, Australia

“How happy we are with this decision!”

“We called on the services of Yu Yu to validate a delicate KYC (Know Your Customer) around a major Private Equity transaction. Our main investor was a bit suspicious about the trustworthiness of one of the potential partners.  We did some due diligence work on that person but couldn’t find anything particular that was raising any red flags.  However, we still had some doubt somehow, but couldn’t verify.

Then a businessman in Hong Kong told us about Yu Yu’s psychic profile reading services.  We had nothing to lose by trying. And how happy we are with this decision! Thanks to Yu Yu we quickly established the gray areas and discovered that the person was a wanted criminal in another country for scams!”

Mike, France

“After the session, my lower back pain which has bothered me for months was fixed”

“After the session, my lower back pain which has bothered me for months was fixed. I had an amazing healing deep in my body and I feel calmer. I was impressed by the multiple healing talents that she used during the session. Yu Yu is so intuitive and caring. The journey part was truly insightful. Shamanic healing definitely helps those people who are seeking the true in life and willing to change.”to anyone that needs some guidance in their life.”

Forest, Hong Kong

“Thank you for giving me so much clarity!”

“I felt like I arrived at a very deep place and I left feeling healed and restored. Yu Yu is very intuitive, and helped me greatly by unearthing the reason behind some repeating, unhelpful health patterns. She took me back to when I was a baby and pinpointed where the struggle originated, empowering me with a deeper understanding of myself. Thank you for giving me so much clarity!”

Rocio, Spain

“It really helped my dad very much too!”

Wow! I’m speechless! You described my cats personality so very accurately!! I am so grateful for your contact with him! And i think it really helped dad very much too! Your ability is so very amazing!! Such a special and wonderful gift to have! I can’t thank you enough!

Amanda, Australia

“I intend to continue my journey under her guidance”

“I have received both NLP and energy healing sessions by Yu Yu. All my sessions with her have been extremely effective and helped me through very difficult time. She is patient, compassionate, precise and knows exactly what I need each time she works with me. I intend to continue my journey under her guidance. ”

Etsuko, Japan