Healing With Dragons of Lemuria and Kwan Yin

Dragon Healing

Have you ever been to some places where you feel something is not right with the energy? You may want to leave as quickly as possible. But what if that place is where you live or work? What if it’s a piece of vast land? You might have tried some cleansing or healing methods but you feel you still need to do something more powerful?

Have you ever encountered some resistant negative energy during your healing for others or yourself, and you wish you could call on someone to just smash it?

The Healing Dragons can help you in these situations!

Did you know that Dragons lived in Lemuria and Atlantis and built their 12 Temples?  In 2012 the portals were open and the Dragons are back to work with us again! 

Dragons are very powerful and versatile. They can go to places where it’s too dark for angels. They are also playful, loyal and loving.

Dragon Healing was channeled from Goddess Kwan Yin by my dear teacher Rosina. Unfortunately she only had chance to teach it once in her life time, to a very small group of people. I was one of the lucky ones.  Recently I received messages from both Kwan Yin and Rosina asking me to pass on the knowledge and keep it alive.

This workshop will be fun and healing.  Content will cover:

  • Attunement
  • Symbols
  • Connecting with y our own Dragons
  • How to work with Dragons
  • Crystals and Dragons
  • The 12 Temples

Date & Fees:

Class can be arranged on request with minimum 4 students.
The Workshop will be around 5 hours.
Fees: US$290
Location: Live teaching online via ZOOM