Programming Your Crystals Workshop

Programming Crystals

We all have our favorite pieces of crystals. What do you do with them?

Do you want to make it more powerful, useful and effective?
Do you want to dedicate a piece of crystal to a special purpose only?
Do you want to build your special relationship with a particular piece of crystal?
Do you want the crystal to be yours only and nobody else’s energy can affect it?

In this Workshop you will learn a powerful method to program your crystals to fulfill your intentions.

Anyone is welcome, no prior experience needed.


I love crystals! For me, they are unique, beautiful and with powerful energy. I’m grateful to attend the Crystal Workshop by YuYu. She is a talented and good teacher. I learned how to program my crystal so now I am the only person who can use it. The energy is so nice and I have a deep and strong connection now. I must share my good friends to know more about This Crystal Workshop. Thank you YuYu!  😍 Always love you and your teaching! 💚

– Joan

I liked the crystals class, I learned new things. You make things easy to understand. This was also my first time having this kind of online classes. I felt more energy and felt I was really sitting next to you guys. So I recommend it to other people.

– Helen

Date & Fees:

Class can be arranged on request with minimum 4 students.
The Workshop will be 2 – 2.5 hours.
Fees: US$180
Location: Live teaching online via ZOOM