Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Using Tarot cards, Shamanic tools or through Channeling, Yu YU helps you to better analyze and gain more insights to your current situation, gives you guidance, clarity, and thus enables you to make better decisions.

With her authenticity, insight and accuracy, Yu Yu has helped her clients in all areas of their lives.

Personality Profile Reading

You met a person and had a crush on him. You want to know what kind of person he is and whether you are a good match? 

You are negotiating a business partnership and you want to find out if that potential partner is trustworthy or whether he has any hidden agenda? 

You have a hard-to-please boss or colleague and you want to know more about them so you can find better ways to get along with them? 

Yu YU has a unique psychic ability which enables her to read a person’s personality through their photo only. It started as a “party trick”, where people would show her photos of others whom they know but are strangers to her. They are always awed and amazed by the accuracy of her reading. Her analysis about the person is deep and thorough.  She then decided to use her talent to help more people.

In the past years, Yu YU has helped many clients in making decisions and avoid mistakes in their personal life as well as professional life. 


I would recommend Yu Yu to anyone that needs some guidance in their life

I have been having reading sessions with Yu Yu for more than 2 years and the reading is usually done on a quarterly basis. She has been very helpful in terms of giving me advice in my career development, marriage life, relationship with my child, personal development and happiness. Her interpretation of my current status and prediction of what might happen in the future is usually accurate. I followed her advice to choose my current employer and what I have experienced in this company for the past 1.5 year has been true to what she described. She also helped me see clearly of my marriage and what I could do to increase my happiness. I would recommend Yu Yu to anyone that needs some guidance in their life.

– Isabelle, China

“How happy we are with this decision!”

We called on the services of Yu Yu to validate a delicate KYC (Know Your Customer) around a major Private Equity transaction. Our main investor was a bit suspicious about the trustworthiness of one of the potential partners.  We did some due diligence work on that person but couldn’t find anything particular that was raising any red flags.  However, we still had some doubt somehow, but couldn’t verify.

Then a businessman in Hong Kong told us about Yu Yu’s psychic profile reading services.  We had nothing to lose by trying. And how happy we are with this decision! Thanks to Yu Yu we quickly established the gray areas and discovered that the person was a wanted criminal in another country for scams!

– Mike, France

Yu Yu was very authentic, unique and accurate and I can only recommend her highly!

I had recently had a reading by Yu Yu. I was amazed at how accurate she was about past events. Even telling me something that I only would know. Yu Yu was able to give me answers, especially from relatives who have passed, guide me with what is happening now and where my future is heading. Yu Yu was very authentic, unique and accurate and I can only recommend her highly!

– Adam, Australia


Tarot Reading:  HK$1400 for 45 minutes phone session.

Personality Profile Reading:  HK$800 for 1 profile via email or text messages.